COVID-19 Update: Schools can remain open under California’s new stay-at-home order

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced during a Dec. 3 press conference that, as a result of skyrocketing COVID-19 infection rates and hospital ICUs quickly approaching capacity limits, California will once again be implementing a stay-at-home order. Schools are unaffected by this new order and can continue […]

New report highlights how a more diverse school board can improve outcomes for a diverse student body

School boards with more racially and ethnically diverse members are more likely to allocate money in a way that can benefit racially and ethnically diverse student bodies, according to new research. In a new working paper focused on California governance teams and the ways in […]

Student board member program at AEC helps future leaders develop their governance skills

Student board members are integral to ensuring student voice is heard and included in decisions made by local governance teams that, ultimately, impact tomorrow’s leaders. The Student Board Member Program at CSBA’s Annual Education Conference is the only statewide professional development opportunity in which student […]

How fostering leadership at every level promotes student achievement

As more districts begin some form of in-person instruction and work to address learning loss resulting from the pandemic-driven school closures, a new brief suggests stable leadership within a district benefits children at the classroom level. Researchers at the Learning Policy Institute identified “positive outlier […]

Native American attendance rates lower than general population; Humboldt County officials aim to address root causes

Native American youth in California are still missing far too much school each year, according to statewide data released Nov. 10. During the 2018–19 school year, American Indian or Alaska Native students had an absence rate of 13.6 percent, lower only than foster and homeless […]

CSBA webinar shines a spotlight on current inequities and how to avoid future pitfalls

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, district and county office of education officials are increasingly forced to reckon with longstanding inequities related to the digital divide, and how to address student learning in the long-term. In a Nov. 19 CSBA webinar, “Equitable Support for California […]

IQC moves Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum with edits to State Board

The task before the IQC in its November meeting was to review edits for the second draft of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum — including written and verbal public comment, California Department of Education edits and edits from IQC commissioners — and approve agreed-upon edits. […]

LAO report fuels CSBA advocacy for increased school revenue and support

New projections from the Legislative Analyst’s Office bring some unexpectedly positive news for California’s education budget. A new analysis of the outlook for school and community college funding in the coming year shows that, despite lags in certain sectors, the state’s economic recovery has exceeded […]